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Big Leap is about amassing a large value by a wholesome program. By branding objectives Big Leap is about creating a major increase in the brand equity out of a clearly defined opportunity that has substantial revenue potential. A Big Leap can be planned out of opportunities; in the product space, at the market place and of course in the chances of establishing external associations and intangible values.


From obvious opportunities such as product extension and market expansion a Big Leap is feasible by the power of the branding strategies built into the program structure. It calls for a good understanding of the branding imperatives and professional program development and execution. However, new products, new promotion techniques and powerful value associations can cause a big jump in brand equity with a meticulously developed program.


In a Big Leap program - a Big Leap in brand equity - is the essential stipulation. It calls for defining the value potential and the revenue levels and seeks justifications on the feasibility criteria and on the strategies and plans worked out to achieve it. A big leap program should necessarily change the competition equations at the market place.



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