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  Brand Equity


Brand equity is a measure of brandís worth. It can be expressed concisely in a few sentences; by its elements of value as perceived by the consumers, by its dominant characteristics, by its popularity, by its credibility factors, by its revenue potential and also by the price anybody would wish to buy it at for all its values. Brand equity is the power of a brand to make good in the market.


Unbiased assessment of Brand equity is critical for deciding on the next-steps in marketing and the approach to work with it. For achieving operational efficiencies it is important to balance the marketing decisions and promotion inputs with the true value and potential of the brand. A good understanding of Brand equity helps fine-tune and reset demand drives in enhancing the potential of the brand.


Brand equity determines feasibility level of business strategies, market expansion programs and brand extensions. It sets the prices and impacts trade terms. Powerful brand equity helps cut through competition and provides the resilience to endure market upheavals. Brand equity is a certain potential apart from the enterprise and can be leveraged for business advantages and valued in money terms.



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