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  Creating Potential


Thatís as good as saying - creating scope for building Brand Equity. Contrary to popular belief, even in professional circles, branding is not a one time or once in a while job. It is a continuous process and every action, and even inaction on the part of the company can change a brandís revenue potential either way - by the appropriateness.


A brandís potential tells the limit not just on the revenues and profitability that can be achieved but also on its capability to deal with market upheavals and opportunities. Thus, irrespective of the money available for investment and the market for garnering, the revenues and the profit in it for the brand are limited by the brandís potential equity.


Creating brand potential is a tough task of -value engineering- which calls for absolute understanding of the business, consumers and the competition - for those exceptional insights. Creating potential is a short term to medium term concept and requires many a small next steps across business functions with a few calculated long steps - as long - as feasible.





what is the BEp of your brand   

your actions impact BEp   

know, how have you altered it