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Can a company swell the positive Brand equity perceptions of its brand by a big measure - and just by one powerful program? The answer is big NO but with a rider that says - hard chances. Brand Equity is brought about with a set of real values that are perceived as such by vast sets of consumers - but that can happen only progressively.


The chances of being able to cause a major surge in brand equity, swiftly, are in the feasibility of creating the twin essentials of brand equity - demonstrated value and huge awareness - and by a program. Such a program can be developed only with innovations that can cause the kind of impact. Power charging a brand is about doing just that - - developing Impact Innovations.


Impact innovation can be with products or even a promotion program. To be able to power charge brand equity the innovation must be remarkable with exceptional value proposition so as to create massive word of mouth communication. While an Impact Innovation can Power Charge brand equity it is important that brandís fundamentals are without flaws and that the innovation is suitable to the brand so as to be able to achieve a big surge in brand equity.




an innovation   

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