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  Primary Branding


Primary Branding refers to all things that are basic to a brand; the name, the way it is written and the associated designs forming the visual identity, slogan that tells its purpose strikingly and the personified values which with all the other elements of identity facilitate consumers make up the mental image of it. Collectively they make a brand and therefore it could prove unwise to detach or alter any of them. But to be scared by that belief can severely hurt a brand with flaws in its elements.


Subtle flaws in primary branding are hard to know but are quite potential in cutting effectiveness of marketing efforts rather inconspicuously. It is as bad as building over unfit foundation. Flaws in the fundamentals of the brand remain due to ignorance or immature convictions. Often, due to same reasons, absolutely right elements of a brand are changed with inappropriate ones. Primary branding mistakes hurt badly when the competition becomes tough.


A good understanding of the importance, application usefulness and the marketing advantages that can be derived from competitive elements of primary branding is important to be able to develop new brands with that exceptional potential. Creating new sub brands often happens to be good branding strategy in effectively competing in good enough market segments.



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