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Branding includes everything a company does to progressively cultivate preferred demand for the products signified by its brand / Brands at an optimum price. Effective branding is about ensuring absolute suitability; of the proposition, of conduct at all levels, of what and how the company talks to the consumer sets - in getting them to buy its products - decidedly.


Branding Review is a comprehensive proprietary audit procedure which considers and evaluates the elements of branding; in the products, in the policies, in the people, in the operations, in the promotions and in the communications that can etch an impression in the minds of its customers, customer prospects and other stakeholders.


Branding Review is an inquiry process essentially to figure out the deficiencies and inappropriateness in the brandís; fundamentals, strategies, operation styles and communication modules which can negatively impact the brandís desirability quotient and thus restrict revenues and profitability.







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