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  Talking it out with the customers / consumers


'Awareness' is a word of measure of brand equity. Popularity is a big factor that tells of the volumes. The questions are; how many know about the brand? what’s the recall quotient? what do they know about the brand?


But the harder ones are; how well do they know the brand? how familiar are they with the brand? how uncompromisingly do they seek it - repeatedly? Unflinching consumer passion for a brand arises out of absolute customer satisfaction way beyond competitive product usefulness. They include a good set of worthy attributes and associations that bonds the consumers with the brand.


Talking to consumers in creating and reinforcing awareness about the Brand; about its products, about the values it signifies and about its associations is a tough and expensive task and, may return nothing for the effort and money if tried without careful considerations. Advertisements - the way to talk to vast sets have indeed helped build brands but have also sunk many. The only way to ensure pay off is to have substantiated answers for the questions; what to talk? Whom to talk? And, how to talk?




What to talk?   

Whom to talk?   

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