Consulting Perspectives


   Consulting Perspectives



I do not hard sell my services. I do not believe in networking through contacts. I believe, exceptional value consulting is bought - not sold.


On Innovation prospects, arising from my research work, I do approach (accessible) Managing Directors of chosen companies. I send a short e-mail indicating about the opportunity to the managing directors, on turn, within the relevant sectors.  My sales effort ends with that. Often secretaries (of the MDs) tell me; mail-it-to-me - I-will-forward-it-to-him. I agree. But, I don't pursue unless the Managing Director responds with keen interest.


Creating exceptional value is the essential objective - and not the assignment. Therefore, I believe in extensive pre-engagement discussions with the Managing Director, much of it through e-mails - well before the first meeting, in ensuring feasibility.


On Innovation prospects, which invariably yield high value to clients, 80% of my fee is related to the revenue potential and marketing advantages I create.


Innovation Scratch Book is a unique consulting module which is necessarily a joint research work carried out by the managing director of the client company and me using my proprietary research tool-set - - Think Paradigm.


Marketing Strategies and Branding Logic are carried out in a structured way as per the consulting modules presented here, in the site.


A quarter is the timeframe. An assignment is defined and done in 3 months.


All assignments bear the stipulations on the work philosophy. Check them out here.