Of why Kingfisher Airlines failed ..
Of why public sector banks are more guilty ..
Of why the ministry of civil aviation is more guilty ..

Lessons from Kingfisher Airlines

for; Government, Companies across sectors, Political Parties & Management Students


Of why the ministry of civil aviation is more guilty


Excerpt from the 'Branding Logic' article;

'Kingfisher - a popular beer brand in India, nothing else' - 7 February 2013


"Today, the hapless bankers and arguably the overbearing ministry will only repeatedly ask Mr. Mallya for a plan and even slyly push him by saying - ‘You Can’, without a clue, on the ‘how’ of it."


Excerpt from the article 'Isn’t the ministry of Civil Aviation guilty? Spice Jet turns the question serious'

published in - 23 December 2014


"The boring reports in the media on the sector sickness over the years squarely point out to absolute absence of rightful actions which the ministry seems to have covered up with petty stipulations and prolonged sigh of helplessness for years now, govt after govt ...."


"The kind of spoils in the sector compels one to wonder; of the work and the larger purpose of the ministry. If the job is to evolve policies towards healthy growth of the sector, make stipulations and control wayward companies the ministry obviously has done nothing for all these years."


"In the UPA reign the ministry sounded like a consulting firm for private airlines and was unduly involved with them who in turn misused that weakness resulting in bad debts in the govt's banks."


Excerpt from the article 'Upgrading Governance – Air India'

published in - 14 July 2014


"The kind of ruins we see in the sector today only asks; what was the ministry doing all these years? The truth is; the ministry by not doing its expected tasks and by doing what was not expected of it caused this loss heap called Air India and a set of hopeless private airlines."


"The ministry’s incompetence to frame policy measures, caveats and sound stipulations resulted in Jet buying Sahara and slog with that and Kingfisher buying sunk Deccan and sink with that."


"The ministry was spectator and facilitator to the senseless ego driven acquisitions by unfit companies. It was also mute to irresponsible market maneuvers by these companies that resulted in crazy fluctuation in prices and therefore in their finances as well."


"The most awkward truth is that; while the ministry which has no time and concern for the plight of hundreds of employees of Kingfisher Airlines whose salary for months have remained unpaid for about two years now had all the time and concern to help shift losses of Deccan and Sahara one of which is being shifted back to the government with a multiple factor of 20 in the form of bad debts in its own banks. Where is the sense of social welfare in this affair of the govt?"


"Had the govt not allowed acquisition of Sahara and Deccan by operating airlines all airlines would have been flying smoothly today."


"Applying the concept of opportunity cost often used in business for decisions - to the management of nation I must say govt’s urge to take up the challenge to turnaround Air India can only result in causing massive social cost even if the turnaround indeed happens, whenever."


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Of why Kingfisher Airlines failed ..
Of why public sector banks are more guilty ..
Of why the ministry of civil aviation is more guilty ..