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elusive finer elements that are critical for success


  Govt's oil companies can make good with the wrong idea - with an innovation !

Establishing two critical product values can make this good initiative highly, highly successful. Firstly, as said, the govt needs to give a clear reason to the citizens to feel immensely satisfied – of having helped a desperate social cause. It can be about education, crimes against women, pollution but should be clearly defined. A simple swapping of money and purpose between the oil companies and the chosen government department. Secondly and more importantly govt needs to create a method to make the trait of – benevolence – of the participants visible for others to appreciate and follow.

  Arvind, I am a little tensed

Arvind, the principles of marketing remain same for all products including this affair of politics and I am deducing the logic here much the same way I do with my clients but drastically limiting it to a few critical points.

  The high cost of low associated infrastructure

Two terrible mishaps for which the causes are still being speculated can hardly hurt the image of a legendary brand. But, the way the companies respond against such dreadful situations can – and, Volvo clearly has lost a bit of brand image in dealing with the horrifying accidents. For sure, Volvo has missed to strongly reinforce its reputation, as a responsible mnc, with the situation.

  nano notes ...

To push a mass market car stranded in the middle of the market and for a long time won’t be easy. Unnecessary advertisements played with wrong messages and used excessively have obviously hurt the chances of nano’s sales. Now, to cut advertisements drastically, particularly those that advice consumers with silly and annoying ideas, calls for working with strategies. Functional ads like, swipe the card will help accomplish that with gains in sales, without the damage. All said, Tata Motors clearly has to work with the task of digging out sharper insights by talking in depth to those who have been using nano and thinking beyond that before taking the next step.  


List of Articles  |  Excerpts