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CSR Logic :: for Corporate India


  CSR in the disposal of banned Maggi packs

By thinking out the right approach couldn’t the company have saved a good part of Rs.20 cr. it is reported to have spent for burning the lot? Or, could it have earned some salvage instead? Could it not have saved the reverse transport costs (think of the fuel)? Could it not have saved the unnecessary air pollution caused by the burning of tons of Maggi?


  Is the Civil Aviation minister complaining?

Where does the buck stop?? I wonder, how a company with a gang of top management ever coached by the ministry which now has two ministers can surmount the mountain of loss it is sitting on – if it would only cry over the kind of silly nuisance – this time caused by – five (now three) billboards!!


  Social cost of flying Air India

Applying the concept of opportunity cost often used in business for decisions - to the management of nation I must say govt’s urge to take up the challenge to turnaround Air India can only result in causing massive social cost even if the turnaround indeed happens, whenever.

  Sense and Essence of CSR


That makes the task of managing directors of companies that are expected to demonstrate their responsibility very challenging. Globally CSR is fast evolving as critical competition strategy factor with companies making thoughtful investments in making their businesses socially compliant - which shows its impact; in the efficiency in the consumption of resources, in the well being of the society, in the satisfaction of its stakeholders and as well in its sales and profits. Competitive CSR is about forcefully upgrading the business practices to greater maturity levels in the interest of the larger society and being able to draw cost and brand advantages from them.

  The government is not quite right. Choose to explain - I

Nonetheless, the new directive is positive in spite of being misconstrued because it stimulates the conscience of corporate India. Of course, it makes this noble task of – Doing Good and Making Good from it – the most ideal approach to CSR – a little more challenging.


  Helping the rich with Cash!

Government's hesitation to give up or drastically reduce certain taxes on certain items and services and / or to subsidize specific consumption segments creatively has pushed it to settle with the simple way of subsidizing every one across the segments. In the case of diesel the government also failed to take notice of the progressive increase in the numbers of expensive diesel driven cars over the years which is induced solely by the fault in the diesel pricing.

  Brunt of Service Tax

Service tax in b2b transactions, being added cost for the buyer, results in superfluous taxation and at 12.36% it effectively rises the prices of goods and or beats down service charges across the range of services depending on the clout of the service provider and thus eventually hurts employee salary levels, most where over 70% of the charge is made up of salary cost. Ten lac per year limit does not help to balance the adverse impact in such situations.


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