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The 'Do Good' stipulation of the government to corporate India, will - as a significant good impact - make this 'concern' called 'Corporate Social Responsibility' an active issue for positive deliberations in all the very big companies across sectors. The move, mostly, will considerably augment the flow of cash from the corporate sector to active NGOs engaged in alleviating the deficiencies and incongruities in their respective chosen social issue domains.


The issues of concern may however linger should the companies look at the directive as a short cut to settle social irresponsibility of any sort. CSR is not demonstrated by choosing a 'good deed' from a set of options. A company's CSR tasks are decided through an unbiased scan of its operations across functions and are listed essentially by the elements of social irresponsibility in its affairs before looking out for opportunities to demonstrate greater responsibility. It varies from business to business and even between two companies in same business and of same size. Doing 'good' beyond conducting the business responsibly is however noble which of course, considered in depth, is the essence of the government's directive.


CSR is best practiced as a deliberate marketing strategy with particular focus on competitive branding which provides the feasibility for making up the costs involved. Competitive CSR is all about; killing elements of irresponsibility in the operations and as step next demonstrating greater sense of responsibility with initiatives that delight the stakeholders and of course the customers as well. Making good with it is all about fusing it all in the marketing strategies in effect to competitively charge brand equity.


Incidentally, the directive endows fairly big and even smaller but progressive companies outside the obligation limits with a certain competitive advantage should they care to drive up their business with competitive CSR and that makes it all the more compelling for those with the obligation to work with astute strategies than plain giving.




As I progress this research in connect with active ground efforts across sectors I intend to associate with a few professionals with absolute knowledge and experience in specific sectors particularly in those that directly bear the challenge of managing depleting natural resources and sticky social ills.

Leading the strategy development task on CSR happens to be the responsibility of the managing directors. As part of the ‘Doing Good Making Good’ research program, I am particularly keen on carrying out the sector specific research programs in active partnership with a few enthusiastic and resourceful managing directors – one each from the respective larger sectors - similar to the way my unique consulting module - ISB (Innovation Scratch Book) is conducted - which is essentially a joint research work with the managing director of the client company - using my research tools and Think Paradigm.

My focus of work being research, strategy and program development I need to associate with competent social project execution firms for my clients’ projects. I look forward to hear from CSR project execution firms and established NGOs for the purpose.


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