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Swalpa Nodi

  Innovations for Karnataka and Bengaluru City  

A research initiative to articulate civic and social issues and to evolve innovative solutions


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'Swalpa Nodi', a phrase in Kannada, means 'to seek attention for positive action'. Swalpa Nodi is evolved from a self actualization independent effort to research and suggest innovative solutions to the government of Karnataka on a range of stubborn and ever lingering civic and social issues. The work was started as a small initiative and as 'Open Letters' to the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Since Shri Siddaramiah was the chief minister the initiative was titled initially as ‘SiddaramiahNavere Swalp Nodi’.

Initiated as


Swalp Nodi'


The project is re-titled as 'Swalpa Nodi' in tune with the larger scope of research involving wide range of issues and also opportunities, apparent and latent, across civic services provided by the government and the larger social challenges in accomplishing economic and social well being of the state.

Swalp Nodi - full fledged research initiative


Often solutions for many issues and difficulties in the social sphere happen to be elusive owing to; complexity of the issue, administration deficiencies and of course owing to lack of communication between the state and citizens. Such issues and situations would have surprising solutions right in the causes that make them complicated. Most social problems persist owing to lack of clarity and understanding which drive the administrators to develop solutions without having a good grasp of the problems and situations. Much of the research at 'Swalpa Nodi' is about articulating issues which by itself would present sound solutions.

Articulating social and administration Issues


Developing economies typically face difficulty in evolving fit approach options for cultivating growth of the economy towards effectively alleviating social discrepancies and hard situations across activity and task zones. Slowly evolving political maturity and other conflicting social pressures only make the task of policy making harder. Research at Swalpa Nodi is directed at certain crucial domains which are intrinsically potential to yield growth and social benefits in a highly balanced sense. Education, agriculture and health care are on focus.

Guiding social and economic policies


Research at 'Swalpa Nodi' is essentially driven by an underlying stipulation that a solution ought to be innovative if not a true innovation. Scope to be innovative always exist in all kind of work and by that logic scope for being innovative ought exist in a large measure in the work of developing solutions for the general public particularly in addressing negative situations and in working with challenging social imperatives. In fact, scope to generate 'True Innovations' arise largely from real 'helpless' situations and 'Swalpa Nodi' is working with certain real opportunities towards causing a flow of 'True Innovations'.

Innovative Solutions and True Innovations


Citizens in all growing cities perpetually demand more and better civic facilities and services from the governments. But cities that grow too fast breach the limits of even the potential by ages leading to real chaos with unmanageable pressures on the entire range of basic facilities. That brings to the fore the need to look at city services by the management perspectives. In tackling city issues both the govt and the citizens seem to miss a harsh truth. Awfully helpless situations can be helped only with fundamental corrections and true innovations. Research at 'Swalpa Nodi' is focused on Bengaluru City Management over the next 8 quarters.

Focus 'Bengaluru City' Management


Research efforts at 'Swalpa Nodi' result in;

'Research Papers and Articles' articulating social issues and futuristic opportunities with strategic directions on the possible approach and solutions. These documents are presented as 'Open Letters' to the concerned govt departments with articles on larger issues addressed to the chief minister.

Research initiatives and innovative programs are implemented with commercial Brands (of products and services) having brand worthy synergy with the issues and with the active participation of the concerned govt departments. 

True Innovations are implemented in association with commercial Brands or the concerned govt departments with active support from the research faculty at 'Swalpa Nodi'.

Research Papers, Innovative Programs & True Innovations


'Swalpa Nodi' initiative is similar in approach to the article series 'Adve Advice for government of India' (check @ but is vastly different by the depth of the research and the wide range of issues on research.

Adve Advice for Govt. of India


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