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A research initiative to articulate civic and social issues and to evolve innovative solutions


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Opportunities for Brands


Every business is essentially doing social service; of providing goods and services though at a profit. Every business is linked to civic services and social issues, directly with quite a few they are closely connected with and indirectly with all. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is loaded with twin perspectives; one, the essential one, of the need to correct irresponsible approach, attitude and practices which businesses do out of greed and due to a variety of compulsions, and two; of doing good to the society by design. While addressing the former calls for willingness on the part of the company and profit optimization approach the later, surprisingly, calls for 'marketing' thinking with necessarily profit maximization approach.

Research at Swalpa Nodi being about; deficient civic services and alarming social concerns and about innovations in addressing them the programs essentially offer distinct marketing opportunity for businesses.




A company’s 'sales' is determined by the sum of the 'potential' of its brands and often happen to be far lower than the potential owing to deficiencies in leveraging the business with it and overall maturity of the market. Broadly brand potential is created from what is sold (products) and how it is sold (marketing). In mature and progressively maturing markets volume of sales closely follows Brand potential and therefore branding becomes a critical competition strategy.

Creating brand potential is a complex process and calls for structured understanding of the business fundamentals, larger market and the competition equations.

Following resource links help achieve a comprehensive sense of branding and about deriving marketing advantage by it;

Branding Logic: The art and process of Branding

Branding Logic: A set of articles that explain the finer aspects of branding in the real world of business

Branding Logic: An evolving set of generalized branding rules

Swing-along: About branding with external associations and innovations

Insights from Practical Branding: decisions in business and politics and the on brand impact


Brand Potential




Branding Resource


Branding is the best marketing strategy in most business situations. It is critical and inevitable in mature and fast maturing businesses. Creating brand potential and deriving marketing advantage from it are two distinctively different tasks and happens to be deficiently understood in the real world of marketing. Most brands that struggle in the market are those that drive their marketing with efforts inconsistent with their brand potential, often with efforts superfluous to the brand. 

Brands for Swalpa Nodi research and programs are chosen, not necessarily by the superior image of the brand but by the scope of the program to power charge the brand which is largely dependent on the company's preparedness to work systematically in reaping marketing advantages. Clearly the offer for brands is not about casually partnering on projects but about seriously buying brand equity in terms of reinforced awareness, image and reputation.


Marketing Advantage


Companies are ever on the hunt for sales and desperately do that even with depleted sales potential even while having good enough brand potential. Such a situation of hardness in sales can hardly be helped with bought out brand equity which is what Swalpa Nodi projects deliver though. Sales potential is created by resetting a variety demand attracting factors, internal and external, in tune with the brand potential. Swalpa Nodi offer to the brands with its projects are necessarily linked to creating the sales potential duly working with elements that cause sales and in fusing the project with the brand.

Generating Sales

Business Segment-wise Opportunities for Brands
Suitable business segments Project scope Ideal stipulations
Property Development Research critical multiple projects: Issue Articulation / Innovations Progressive builders with good many good projects
Commercial Bank Research / prolonged innovation programs With widespread branches in Bengaluru & Karnataka, ideally based in Karnataka
Life Insurance Company Social Research projects / major innovations With active operations in Karnataka
News Paper / Online media (Bangalore Edition) Facility Innovations Well known or keen to compete Newspaper with online version
Coffee / Ice Cream cafe chain / Online Shop / service Public participation innovations Established with multiple units
Passenger Car Brand Road traffic management Successful brand
Facility Management Company Road traffic / air pollution control Large company
Management Institute Research workshops MBA / Engineering / Law

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Engagement Approach


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