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Swalpa Nodi

  Innovations for Karnataka and Bengaluru City  

A research initiative to articulate civic and social issues and to evolve innovative solutions


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for the government ; for the people





Articulating Civic and Social Issues

Actionable Innovations

Research Purpose


Bengaluru City Management

(Civic Services, Road Traffic, Environment concerns, Garbage disposal, Public grievance & Security)


Education (Teaching quality)

Agriculture (Macro management fundamentals),

Affordable Housing (Imperatives)

Research Focus (Current)


Research on social issues needs to be carried out as extended programs owing to the presence of large sets of multiple stakeholders and the complexity involved in bringing about change for good. Changes in social systems primarily call for articulating issues in seeking response from all and therefore can only be improved with incremental changes in the methods in the larger system. (Issues like; Menace of stray dogs and garbage accumulation in Bengaluru city have continued to remain as stubborn issues, for years now). On complex issues the research is often limited to merely evolving innovative programs to create proper awareness among the stakeholders.

Therefore research is carried out as a prolonged process using proprietary research tools; such as; Think Paradigm and Innovation Scratch Book and progresses with structured documents and programs. Similarly in influencing government policies Articles and Research Papers are presented in this site and other associate media.  

Research Approach & Methods


Adve Srinivasa Bhat

(Founder & Chief Research Fellow)


Management Consultant (



( NOTE: Swalpa Nodi would, in time, have a small set of research fellows actively collaborating in the work on research projects. Practicing professional consultants with connected domain expertise are welcome to be part of the faculty. Exceptionally accomplished professionals with the competence to enrich Swalpa Nodi research projects may mail to: )

Research Faculty


Government–university connect on active management issues seems to be awfully deficient (in fact absent) and a lot worse than the deficient corporate-university connect in spite of the tremendous scope that exists, far more with the government-university connect, for mutual benefits of problem solving and learning from that.

Swalpa Nodi would deliberately take research programs on civic and social issues to chosen management / higher education institutes for benefiting from the opinions of young minds as also to provide the students with the opportunity to work with active research programs. Such extended campus research programs are conducted in partnership with the institute and with the active participation of the connected faculty members.

(Note: Management Institutes / Engineering Collages and other higher education institutes may mail to; to explore feasibility.)

Research Workshops @ Management Institutes


Every business is connected directly or indirectly with civic and social issues. Research initiatives and innovation programs at Swalpa Nodi are all carried out in association with brands duly fusing them with respective programs for the return of marketing advantage such association yields to the brands. Brands involve with projects right at the time of initiation which provides the scope to harvest brand and marketing advantages through the research process upon a systematic process of cultivation.

Know more about branding with social issues and about the current opportunities at: Opportunities for Brands

Know more about the process of branding and generating marketing advantages with social issues at: Branding Logic

Associate Brands (Companies) for Research & Programs


Current Innovation Research Programs

  (Being Initiated. Await details)

Kasa Samsye

Issue Articulation (Await Link)

  (Being Initiated. Await details)

Adoption of Technology for Bengaluru City Traffic Management

Think Paradigm (Await Link)


Options for decongesting city roads for ensuring free flow of traffic as also to reduce air pollution.


(Branding opportunity open to progressive companies (based in Bengaluru) in the property development / Bus manufacturing segment.

Decongesting City Roads - options

Think Paradigm

  (Being Initiated. Await details)

Affordable Housing; Missing thoughts

Think Paradigm (Await Link)


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