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I offer professional advice on issues and situations pertaining to; Branding Logic, Marketing Strategies and Innovation research. Advice may be sought to validate contemplated specific decisions, reviewing; programs, plans and initiatives or for complete support for logic backed decisions on complex issues.


I respond quickly with professionally substantiated advice to well articulated questions presented with good clarity on the issue and the situation. Once formally accepted, advice takes only as much time the client would take to provide info and clarifications I may seek. Discussions happen over e-mails and phone and personal meetings are scheduled, if needed. Advice on larger issues on growth and branding take as much more time as the client may take to provide detailed information I would seek and are necessarily concluded with personal meetings. However, by policy, all advisory engagements are necessarily done and settled within 3 weeks.


My consulting modules on research, strategy formulation and program development help prospective clients to articulate their question on issues they may have. Please check details under; Branding Logic, Marketing Strategies and Innovation Research.



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