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Intuition + Domain Knowledge + structured thought process gives a slim chance to create innovations. Trying hard enhances the chance. Researching innovations is a practice I relentlessly pursue. I work with a thought process evolved by me for evolving innovations. The process is called Think Paradigm. Practice with the process has endowed me with the ability to work with multiple minor innovations which enhance the effectiveness of the marketing job I take up.


My research work spans across industry sectors and is focused on products (What to Sell?) and marketing (How to Sell?). While working on assignments with manufacturing companies I think of making (How to make?) as well - for evolving innovations. My research work has resulted in quite a few innovation prospects which have the potential to deliver huge value to fit companies in the related sector.


Innovation Scratch Book is a unique consulting module which is about joint research work I do with Managing Directors. It is about working through the innovation research process (Think Paradigm) developed by me. The work takes about 3 months and involves active research work leading to developing Innovation Scratch Book for the company which would have details of innovation opportunities, of all hues, across functions and also the directions for realizing value from them.



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