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  Won't the public sector banks make lessons from their NPAs and make them public?

More than the chances of recovery and restructuring the lessons that can be learnt from analyzing these accounts in depth and with investigative approach would surely help the managers in these banks to know their trade better. A good part of bad loans can be attributed to ignorance on the part of these banks; of finer aspects of failing businesses and of the tricks of smarter managements in drawing money with clever arguments and dishonest arrangements.

  Six innovations govt's banks (govt) would shy to try

To be able to impact the society positively banks need to have better grasp of the sectors they focus in and actively work with structured research to know the incongruities and opportunities they can base their operations on. The vision and mission statements of PS banks as put out in their websites which are all similarly silly only tells of the blind game they are up to. They need to work with harder to achieve but practical social objectives and elaborately developed task sets to be able to make commendable social impact.

  Isn't the Civil Aviation Ministry guilty? SpiceJet turns the question serious

The awfully awkward state of civil aviation in India can hardly be a tough case study at the management institutes. To decipher the 'why' of it is as simple as connecting five dots. Dot one; 'deficient govt policy' (on capital structure, ideal promoters, structural incongruities, operational aspects), dot two; 'absence of stern govt orders' (led to suicidal buyouts and senseless pricing - - after 10 years of being the unconcerned spectator of the sinful practice govt is now thinking of fixing minimum prices across routes, very bad approach to deal with it though), dot three; 'immature airlines' – Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines make good case examples for deficient business and marketing (branding) strategies), dot four; 'politically obedient govt banks' (public money wasted on Kingfisher makes them illiterate about professional lending, 14 of them), dot five; 'over reach of politicians' (the root cause for all the other dots).

  Citizens' 'fuel capital' - a new approach

The suggestion is not to let the oil companies manage super profits and surely not that the govt should increase the tax to maintain optimally feasible high price levels. The applied question here is; how to manage the short to medium term cost savings in scarce but essential and extensively used but a pollutant energy resource - - for the larger social good?

  In support of PMJDY

The ideal way to achieve a major success in financial inclusion is not by asking millions of excluded people to open bank accounts – but by asking those who avail their services, who for sure have bank accounts to – pay by cheque. The govt obviously is driving up things from the wrong end and thus carry huge risk that is apparently quite real. Beyond this huge genuine set the set that is excluded and being targeted by the govt is in fact not a subject of ‘financial inclusion’. It is called unemployment or unemployability which issue can hardly be fixed by opening bank accounts.


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