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The process is called;


T H I N K   P A R A D I G M

Adve Srinivasa Bhat


'Branding Asset' the twin word title for certain conceptual initiatives signifies twin virtues. One; of its potential to enrich befitting brand or brands with worthy values and, two; of being an asset by itself with the potential for progressive value accrual over time.

Branding Assets characteristically are potent with the power to power charge suitable brands with useful elements of attributes and reputation in effectively causing a sustainable progressive surge in their brand equity. Typically, they are about unsettled social issues and are research intensive. They are apparently innovative and indeed seek multiple incremental innovations and true innovations for resolving the social issues they are conceptualized to address.

'Branding assets' are medium to long term research initiatives which progress with research documents on the issues, directions on settling them and eventually lead to multiple programs that cause critical awareness and deliver innovative solutions. Some research initiatives result in innovative social ventures which effectively address the studied social issues. Such ventures happen to be true innovations.

For chosen brands 'Branding Assets' yield realizable marketing advantages by way of mature branding. They generate reinforced awareness and enrich them with virtues that charge brand equity. The offer to the suitable companies with Branding Assets are; hard to beat competitive advantages, scope of asset value accrual and of course professional brand consulting with proprietary research tools and modules. To know more about the unique brand consulting approach and perspectives please check the following links;



Branding Logic: The art and process of Branding

Branding Logic: A set of articles that explain the finer aspects of branding in the real world of business

Branding Logic: An evolving set of generalized branding rules

Swing-along: About branding with external associations and innovations

Insights from Practical Branding: decisions in business and politics and the on brand impact


Note: Branding Assets are not sold hard though I do approach suitable companies with mails of intent. Beyond making the opportunity known feasibility consultations and presentations shall be dependent on the keenness in the interest companies demonstrate to understand the concept and the superior benefits they can possibly derive Adve Srinivasa Bhat


Innovations for Karnataka and Bengaluru

A research initiative to articulate civic and social issues and to evolve innovations


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Swlpa Nodi


Branding Opportunities for companies in the Sector; Property Development (companies based in Bengaluru, Banking (Banks with multiple branches in Bengaluru & Karnataka, Life Insurance, Restaurant chains, Facility Management, Passenger car, Passenger Bus, IT, Media



B-Ob as a concept is about turning weakness into strength. It is about being automatically inquisitive about abnormal things, people behavior and even attitude.

It is about taking considered action on such observations. It is about creating a massive force by sheer numbers. It is about questioning abnormal behavior of people in public against the mutually taken for granted 'none-of-your/my-business' stance.

It is about having authority to do that. It is about empowering people to do that. It is about obligating people to do that. It is about creating a psychological apprehension in the minds of the perpetrators of crime - - a super conscious feeling of being observed. B-Ob includes every one of us, everywhere. It can evolve to become a strong deterrent technique in our efforts in tackling crimes and offences.

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Be - Observant


Branding Opportunities for companies in the sectors; Life Insurance, Facility Management, Large business groups, Large ITcompanies


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Branding Opportunity for companies in the sector; Banking, Large FMCG Corporate brands, Business groups, Life Insurance, Large media groups


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Urban Playgrounds


Product and Branding Opportunity for; Banks in the private sector with branches in metro cities & major towns


'Paper Cloth' is a brand essentially signifying innovations with a limited range of exceptional paper tissue products. The products being developed include an innovation that delivers social utility values to the consumers and a set of innovative specific utility products.

These products shall be primarily sold online and being innovative is highly potent to deliver branding and promotion opportunities for a suitable online business beyond just good sales.

For an exclusive supplier for this brand the association would help grow their brand and business along with, on the strength of the expected popularity of this brand and the branding and marketing operation strategy inputs provided as part of the association.

These products are developed on the basis of absolute experience in consulting for two minor brands in the sector.

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Paper Cloth


Product and Branding Opportunity for; Established Tissue manufacturers and for progressive online shopping business    |

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