The Prime Tool

B-Ob and ask everyone you know, you meet to B-Ob. B-Ob is the short form - to say; Be-Observant.

B-Ob has the potential to become a prime-tool to discourage public nuisances, minor offences, crimes and also terror attacks. B-Ob is being developed on the primary premise that almost all kinds of crimes are no accidents and the intent and acts through the process do expose criminal intent.

B-Ob is about being automatically inquisitive about abnormal things, behavior and even attitude. It is about taking considered action on such observations. It is about questioning abnormal behavior in public and in groups against the mutually taken for granted 'none-of-your / my-business' stance. It is about having authority to do that. It is about empowering people to do that. It is about obligating people to do that. It is about creating a psychological apprehension in the minds of perpetrators of crime - - a super conscious feeling of being observed. B-Ob includes every one of us, everywhere. It can evolve to become a strong deterrent technique in our efforts in tackling crimes and offences.


B-Ob is being developed as an observation and reporting protocol as suitable to organizations and situations.

Use 'B-Ob' as a parting mention. It is simpler than; 'Goodbye', 'Bye-Bye', 'Take Care' etc. that we use habitually. Use B-Ob every time, to turn it into an ever present awareness on a mind process everyone can practice to do involuntarily.  B-Ob !!

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