Decision Validation

Branding decisions encompass a whole lot of tasks involved in creating, enhancing and using brand equity in competitively growing the business. Decisions on operations across functions more particularly promotion and communication programs can prove ineffective or even negative unless they are in tune with the value constructs of the brand.

Typically, branding decisions sound easy and convincing but on second thought cause confusion and raise doubts. Conventional beliefs on brand management have been increasingly failing decisions. Branding prudence in the present highly complex and competitive scenario calls for superior techniques for creation, assimilation and using brand values. The depth of understanding and the attitude needed is altogether different.

Branding mistakes can in fact turn very expensive. A branding mistake causes a twin impact. It cuts the revenues as well as the brand equity and it would do so more harshly if it is about the fundamentals of it. And the fact is; seemingly simple mistakes cost more.

Any Brand; Any Issue

I offer decision Validation consulting on any branding issue irrespective of the industry category or the size of the business.

It could be about primary branding, value factors, strategies, promotion programs etc. Brand consulting modules linked on the left help articulate question on branding issues.


A decision validation query is taken up for consulting only over mails and phone.

It must be initiated through a mail with the query. It may be initiated by the MD/CEO/CMO of the company.

Consulting happens through exchange of mails and discussions over phone and eventually results in a branding logic document - which evaluates the decision with substantiated logic.

Time lines

Once formally accepted, advice takes only as much time the client would take to provide info and clarifications I may seek. Advice on larger issues on branding take as much more time as the client may take to provide detailed information and are necessarily concluded with personal meetings.

However, by policy, all advisory engagements are necessarily done and settled within 3 weeks.