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Current opportunities are published here seeking greater chance of working with them with

best suited companies - in terms of business situation and management preparedness to work

with innovations - for deriving best possible results from the respective opportunities.


 Also some of the programs / projects are applicable for companies in different sectors which

shifts suitability criteria to aspects of Management compatibility.

  Specific Opportunities (Research & Innovation critical)

for suitable companies in the specified sectors;

  Online Shopping Ventures

(Groceries and associated products - companies with operations in at least 10 major cities)

The offer: a) 3 Swings (product innovations) for deriving marketing advantage, b)  participation in a social research project under the larger research initiative Swalpa Nodi for generating reinforced awareness.

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( Banks in private / public sector ideally with well spread multiple branch network in Bengaluru and Karnataka )

The Offer: a) A program to derive brand values and marketing advantages from Pradhan Manthri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), b) Research support for developing profitable products on the basis of PMJDY, c) An initiative to enhance greenery in Bengaluru City as part of the City Management Research under the larger research initiative Swalpa Nodi, d) 'Branding Logic' consulting for effectively deriving brand values from the above programs.

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  Management Institutes

(Progressive Management Institutes offering MBA / PGDBM. Most opportunities are suitable for Management institutes situated in Bengaluru / Karnataka)

The Offer: Opportunities for students to gain true experience by actively participating in happening research projects through structured ‘Think Sessions’ and ‘Practical Research Work’. The objective is to also draw actionable thoughts from young minds on a range of research initiatives about finding solutions to stubborn social issues and about how brands can derive marketing advantage from them. Student research programs are also structured as part of the perpetual research on the unique practice domains > ‘Branding Logic’, ‘CSR Logic for Corporate India’ and ‘Innovation Research’

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  Facility Management Companies

(Companies With about 10.000 house keeping and maintenance staff strength and aspiring to expand to 50,000 staff on national play)

The Offer: a) String of product innovations, b) Marketing innovation and strategies, and c) Branding Logic

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  Paper Tissue Product manufacturers

(Professionally run company With production capacity to supply 50,000 units of 200 piece face tissues per month and a set of innovative tissue products as per design stipulations)

The Offer: a) Exclusive supply partner, b) Growth and marketing strategies and support, and c) Branding Logic

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  Property Development Companies

(Progressive companies with multiple developments in Bengaluru)

The Offer: a) Prime partnership on 'Bengaluru City Management Research' under the larger research initiative Swalpa Nodi with multiple research and innovation projects which collectively have the potential to generate absolute awareness and competitive brand value, and b) Branding Logic


Leadership Branding Research Programs

Branding Logic

Swalpa Nodi - (Social Branding Programs)


Realty 2016-17


Product Innovation – 'Personal (Foot) Care' segment

A worthy product that can yield progressive revenue as well as a ‘Swing’ (as per the Swing-along marketing technique) that can yield huge marketing advantages for a fit corporate brand with interest in the product segment.

Offer: a) Product development support, b) Marketing strategies, and c) branding logic for deriving brand advantages from the product.

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Branding Assets

'Branding Assets' yield superior marketing advantages by way of mature branding as also evolve as an asset with tradable value. They happen to be greater fit for progressive corporate brands. A fit Branding Asset can generate reinforced awareness for a corporate brand and enrich it with virtues that charge brand equity. The offer; to suitable corporate groups / brands on researched branding assets are; a) hard to beat competitive advantages, b) scope of asset value accrual, and c) professional brand consulting to derive marketing advantages as well as for creating 'Brand Asset' value.

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Think  –  a Branding Asset

Think – is a conceptual innovation to evolve innovative solutions for stubborn issues in the public facility and service domain. Think – is being developed as an initiative for aggregating and refining ideas and opinions from the general public. As a Branding Asset – Think – can yield reinforced awareness, unique reputation, steadfast brand loyalty and revenue in addition to charging the regular revenue. Think – typically is most fit for a national brand with huge customer base. Coffee shop chain, Mobile hand set, Bank, popular FMCG brand ...

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Web & Mobile Application Research


(Partnering opportunities arise from scheduled specific product research projects in particular and "Innovation research and consulting" support on product development in general for; a) web and mobile application development companies on wider application products and, b) for Companies for developing applications that enhance management efficiency and for developing products that help create brand advantages.)

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  General Opportunities  
  Branding Logic

(Comprehensive Branding Logic consulting - any industry sector)

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  Branding Logic


(With comprehensive management and content inputs for small and medium sized

companies keen to grow the business to level next)

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  Branding Logic

(Practice extension in association with professional marketing service firms and other professional outfits)

(For extending 'Branding Logic' research and consulting practice through professional marketing service firms such as; Advertising Agencies / Management Consultants / consulting firms, Content Marketing firms, social media marketing firms, website development firms)

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  Branding Logic - Decision Validation

(Quick substantiated opinion on branding decisions for companies across sectors)

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  Branding Logic - B & S @ WS

(Branding and Strategies at the Website - Competitive content development and structure & functionality advice)

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  Innovation Scratch Book

(Innovation Research with Managing Directors)

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  Comprehensive Content

(Research enriched CONTENT for superior competitive advantage)

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Current opportunities are published here seeking greater chance of working with them with best suited companies - in terms of business situation and management preparedness to work with innovations for deriving best possible results from the respective opportunities.


I work with few structured personal meetings but with continuous interaction over fone and e-mails which makes client's location irrelevant.


Feasibility assessment would be an extensive process which is essentially done through mails and fone with Managing Director and other top management members of the company. The objective is to ensure effectiveness of implementation and measurable value accrual to the company.


To explore feasibility mail into: