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Fundamental questions


Are small & medium size companies across sectors disadvantaged by the absence or lack of software tools larger companies leverage a certain superior competitive advantage with?



Can SMEs overcome the technology deficiency effectively and cost efficiently with smart web and mobile applications on need basis, quickly and from the customer end? Do they gain a cost advantage in doing so?



Aren’t large IT driven business aggregators / retailers putting multitude of smaller but good retailers, service segments and individual service providers at a disadvantage? Can such enterprises face the threat with professionally developed mobile apps? Can they reverse the scare with smartly developed web and mobile apps?



Can very small shops and individual service providers work with competitive mobile apps building their business in the face of the restrictive competition from large firms?


Reflections from the evolving research


“Interestingly, mobile Apps have turned the situation around for small and very small businesses, for good.”


“…technology and more importantly smarter ways of working with it can be truly a game changer and can potentially help even small companies compete with ease with even very large companies”


“The possibilities for gaining certain competitive advantage with mobile Apps are immense. Thinking out clear purpose for each of the Apps thoughtfully envisaged, constructing them with quick functionalities and driving work by them are critical for making good.”


“Planned and created ingeniously, mobile Apps can endow a company with superior advantage even in a situation of competition where driving efficiency and business with Apps is the norm. Smart thinking is the most important ingredient.”


“Mobile & Web Applications provide scope for SMEs to build the IT infrastructure on the reverse and from the customer end with a cost advantage”


“…communication mediums all aligned towards meeting customer needs and creating preferential demand are fast replacing traditional arsenals in the competition game. Such communication channels which are essentially interactive should, in a competitive company, seamlessly run on the e-ways; in the supply chain, delivery chain, task teams and with the demand sources. These communications which happen in nano speed increasingly ride over a range of mobile and wearable devices.”


“Mobile apps that help individuals in buying goods and services with ease and with being well informed invariably impact the related business segments and particularly brands in the segments.”


“Mobile apps that help individuals help engage in discovering and learning towards enhancing their knowledge, personality, skill sets and wellbeing provide competitive branding opportunities for brands that can be convincingly connected seamlessly”. Some exceptionally useful ones hold the potential of incidental revenue also.”


“… need for businesses to hop onto not just online but also onto mobile devices and in a hurry has become critical to be able to grow and to even sustain sales. And there are a good lot reporting and interactions in the delivery and supply chains that have moved onto mobile devices and thus have also redefined the elements of competitive advantage.”


“Extending online transactions to mobile devices is critical and happens to be more critical and urgent with transactions that have direct impact on sales, more by the negative impact, that ought to feared, that can happen by not enabling online transactions than by the positive impact that can be hoped by enabling online transactions.”


“Mobile Apps are being increasingly used in business management for effectively enhancing work efficiency, refining work data, instant communication of decision critical inputs within task/function groups. More importantly, they are actively used in sales prospecting, customer relation management, customer loyalty development and of course, branding.”


“For many small businesses working with mobile Apps has become rather inevitable. With large online retail enterprises competing with deep pockets, small to medium businesses particularly in the retail sector have a real need to go for mobile Apps.”


Scheduled Research Projects



Mobile Applications - Products



Buying / Customer Loyalty

Small to medium retail

  Service Augmentation

Health Care

  Service Assurance

Health Care

  Management Support


  Mobile Applications - for Branding / Promotion


  Social interaction

Consumer brand

  Skill / dexterity

Consumer brand

  Health / Fitness

Consumer brand

  Web Applications


  Sales /delivery chain interactions

B2B Small / medium business


Partnering Criteria


Partnering opportunities arise from scheduled specific product research projects in particular (listed above) and "Innovation research and consulting" support on product development in general for; a) web and mobile application development companies on wider application products and, b) for Companies for developing applications that enhance management efficiency and for developing products that help create brand advantages.


For partnering, technology competence and funding capabilities on the part of web & mobile application development companies happen to be critical considerations.


On wider application products (web and mobile apps) that have the potential to become popular and generate substantial revenue partnering shall be on the basis larger investment in terms of knowledge and innovation research competence with the development company investing largely in terms of product development thereby substantially reducing cash investment.


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