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Corporate Social Responsibility @ Management Institutes


Corporate Social Responsibility, contrary to the understanding of companies and also governments, is not a separate management function or about indulging in a set of social service programs. It is a sense of responsibility companies must embed in their conscience in primarily ensuring non-abusive and non-deceptive conduct, in a superior sense, in dealing with each and every stakeholder. CSR fulfillment includes; products, production, marketing and governance.


With shades of irresponsibility being intrinsic in businesses and the constituents of the society becoming more aware and sensitive to such detrimental flaws corporate conscience on stakeholder interests is becoming an effective marketing tool for companies in deriving competitive advantage.


As a concise, teaching module, I teach the subject at the institutes as a useful supplementary practical knowledge with structured study materials and case examples.


It is conducted over 3 sessions of 3 hours each, spread over 3 weeks.








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