Leveraging conscience on Social Responsibility in work with clients


Excerpts from Vision & Mission Statements







For a Facility Management Company.


One; with people who are privileged, literate and quite affluent - and who need services, a variety of them, to augment their level of comfort and convenience. The other, with those who are; unsure, insecure and deprived - and who badly need to earn for today and get over the fear of insecurity of tomorrow. Quite intriguingly, we have found ourselves in a business that is about meeting a twin but vastly divergent set of needs; i.e. wishful needs and the dire needs.


Rooting our purpose in the larger social objective we have chosen to focus on meeting the dire needs of the vast set of people; of as many as we can, as best as we can. And, as a means to accomplish that objective progressively we develop and aggressively sell a range of services that fulfill the ‘wishful needs’ of the affluent.




To facilitate a large number of underprivileged people to attain ‘secure livelihood’ by providing secure and progressive employment in the service sector we operate in. And, to pursue the chosen purpose in progressively accomplishing the objective in terms grater numbers - of people thus employed. As a policy, we measure our performance, not by the surplus we make in the process, but by the number of people we have on our rolls and the standard of their living.




In gist, we hope to positively impact the lower class of our society the way the software evolution has impacted the vast middle class of our country.


For a personal care Tissue paper manufacturing company


In keeping our pledge on sustainability issues, we believe, it is our responsibility to curb consumer practice that waste valuable paper - of all kinds - even as we promote need based usage of tissue paper products. Apart from our active involvement in industry initiatives on sustainability issues, we choose to focus our efforts in causing consumer awareness on the need for concern in the use of paper and the ways in which they can individually ensure sustainability.




We believe, paper - which is largely made from trees which provide the life essence for the life on earth, is being rather recklessly used - contributing directly to the alarming rate of depletion of trees.


We believe, the need to act towards bridging the huge shortfall from sustainability levels both on account of ecology and resource is very urgent. We believe, the ideal approach is to put greater thrust on resource renewal duly supplemented with judicious consumption - - which puts the responsibility to act - vastly with the consumers.


We intend to work on initiatives that would create awareness about the alarming situation and develop structured social programs that would facilitate consumers - individually as also collectively - help contribute towards perpetual regeneration of life giving trees and plants.



For software product company in the education sector.


While we look at a large canvas of knowledge areas and people segments, we work with clear focus - tuned; to the needs, chosen purpose and the larger objectives. Our priority is fixed to create products for the children who bear the arduous task of learning ever enlarging knowledge sets. We want to make learning very easy and joyful for the young and the evolving brains. We wish to adopt the learning concepts to the older ones as well - to keep them agile with knowledge that’s not just relevant but very much needed too.