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 Individual Social Responsibility  


I follow certain self imposed stipulations which I believe would result in contributing against my social responsibility, arising out of my work, as an individual.


Foremost, in offering my services I strictly follow the work philosophy set out on the work I do for clients - in the interest of clients my direct stakeholders.


My impact range on social responsibility enlarges when I work with larger clients who have the potential to make wide spread impact. Apart from the direct advice I give in enriching their social responsibility conscience towards enhancing their competitive advantage I partner with large companies or a set of big companies on social innovation projects which are researched and structured by me in ensuring best possible impact coverage.


I invest my skill set, offsetting a major portion of my fee, in adding critical value for charging feasibility and growth, in relatively smaller businesses which are scalable and are set up by competent and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.


I offer to advice without a charge to deserving NGOs who are committed uncompromisingly and objectively towards well defined social causes.



Couple of samples of my work to show how I leverage my conscience on social responsibility as an individual in working with clients.


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