Thank you, Shri Anna Hazare;

for the renaissance of the CIVIL SOCIETY which includes all of us - every Indian
for awakening its senses out of the deep slumber
for motivating it to protest for its own rights
for making it aware of its power and responsibilities         

Thank you, Sir,

for telling the tiny set elected by it to lead it - to lead with virtues and honesty
for urging them to feel guilty
for forcing them to enact laws to control themselves
for implanting a sense of fear in them

Thank you, Sir,

for making a minor set of it to feel guilty - of sinful cultivation of the system
for making a vast set of it to feel guilty - for playing-by and giving-in
for enlightening every one of it - of the perils of undue tolerance

Thank you, Sir,

for telling us all - of the prime reason for the awful poverty in our society
for telling us all - of the prime reason for all the crimes in our society

Thank you, Sir;

for your convictions and sustained struggle
for reclaiming the due recognition and respect for the CIVIL SOCIETY - to us all.
for giving democracy a chance to correct and flourish

Thank you, Shri Anna Hazare

Thank you,
Shri Anna Hazare

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