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40% Grey hairs, balding. Post Graduate in Commerce.


Started as a packer, delivery boy and also turned metal at the lathes for a short while. Was an assistant in the accounts department of a well known consumer durable company. Became an officer; computerized accounting, established cost accounting systems, meddled in the factory - with machines and processes that proved worthy in the profit & loss account, prepared annual budgets with perplexing logic about products, costs and market. Innovations I do today for clients are rooted in this work done almost 3 decades ago.


Went back in time. Set up a cattle farm, had about 32 cows, milked them, bathed them, delivered milk with cans tucked on my rattling bike. And, was sunk deep in the dung in 4 years. My terse advice to clients against fundamentally wrong management decisions is backed by this hard to earn experience.


Back in square two. Chose to advice; equipped with the experience of the cerebral work of the early years and the pains of donkey’s work with the cows. Have traversed wide range of businesses; real estate, property development, large production plant, consumer durables, promotion products, management education, non-banking finance, shipping and forwarding, sales promotion stuffs, tissue papers, corporate hospital, facility management, software products, advertising and content writing. Officiated as business director and consulting director for couple of projects where I directed the operations right from creating the production facilities to placing the products in the market. Ability to apply management principles to businesses irrespective of the category and size arise from this diverse experience.


Now, I sell the benefit of my research, diverse experience and intuitive judgment. I work with my own research tools and methods. My approach is uncommon. My work philosophy is guided by my past successes, incomplete accomplishments and failures.


While working as accounts officer, I was teaching Financial Accounting. Now as visiting faculty I teach Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility at Management Institutes.