My Wishes;

…. to work with righteous Managing Directors

…. to work with Managing Directors who are; great human beings, of appreciable character and humble. By experience, I value these traits as primarily critical to drive business with innovations and superior competition strategies. Experience, expertise and knowledge all do add up but hardly do they, without the fundamentals that personify a good human being. It is important for me to ensure that innovative strategies I work with do not get wasted.

…. to work with evolving Managing Directors

I generate superlative results working with astute competition strategies and multiple innovations across functions. That capability drives me to look out for small to mid-size companies across industry categories, even in mature markets, in disrupting competition equation for the good of the sector and society in general.

In ensuring success of such major growth projects I work closely with budding Managing Directors as management coach and as personal mentor which invariably is the critical ingredient is such accomplishments.

…. to work with Managing Directors of large companies on major Social Innovation Projects

Quite a few of the social innovation projects under active research, being large in scale and big on social impact, happen to be fit for large companies / brands for drawing branding advantages as also incidental revenues.

Such noble projects do also require the maturity and wisdom of experienced Managing Directors for successful implementation in ensuring true social impact.

Major projects which would be open for negotiations soon are;