My Work

I offer the benefit of my research, research abilities and mature management skills honed over time through hands-on work with diverse range of businesses, mostly as management consultant working with Managing Directors and top management team.


I offer professional advice on issues and situations in the knowledge domains;

Branding Logic,
Marketing Strategies, and
Innovation research

Advice is offered as per the consulting modules under each of the knowledge domains and as may be consolidated depending on the challenges and opportunities faced by the company.

Irrespective of the size of the business an 'advisory assignment' is done to certain comprehensiveness within 3 months. Relatively smaller businesses take no more than 4 weeks. Advisory assignments on decision validation take no more than two / three meetings.

Discussions happen over e-mails and phone and over scheduled personal meetings.

Program Development and Implementation Support

I provide program development and implementation support with project task presentations, work guidelines and training sessions for the executive teams in a class room ambience.

As mentor to evolving Managing Directors on major growth engagements

I help companies to work with leadership instincts backed by mature strategies and programs that have the potential to yield results - extraordinary.

On chosen major growth projects that span 6 to 8 quarters, I work closely with evolving Managing Directors as coach relentlessly explaining the insights, competition strategies and the art of working with multiple innovations which collectively contribute to major growth.

Innovation Projects

Most of my assignments happen to be 'Innovation Projects' that arise from my research. Innovation projects yield unusual huge benefits and competitive advantages. On such projects I provide complete support in seamlessly fusing the project with the operations of the company towards deriving maximum returns.