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Big #online shops with BIG discounts add a new phrase into #marketing #terminology > Charity #pricing! !!


#online biz in India presents fertile situations for winning with the ‘Late Mover’ advantage!


Flipkart – Amazon / Uber – Ola > in an evolving biz determined third one stands a good chance to help the sector & perhaps lead it too


App driven #online biz in India r struggling with business fundamentals perhaps due to absence of true #competition! Determined third one!


Online retailers make a strange but compelling case for the Govts to tax (penalize) deliberate losses > Amazon / Flipkart


#FDI is welcome but should Govt allow the likes of #Amazon #online spill money to disrupt the market at the cost of numerous offline retailer


#online - offline conflict presents opportunities for brands across sectors to develop powerful #leadership strategies


Infamous discount #strategy of big #online shops brings to the fore offline – online conflict > restrictive practice


Govt shd now seriously consider negative impact of willful below-cost #pricing particularly run with easy foreign funds > #Amazon


Unsettled issues regarding #AppTaxi #online shops suggest need for Govt to set up competent authority for policy making 4evolving businesses


With certain risk consolidation in the #online shop sector opportunity opens up for fit large groups to venture in > FlipKart / Myntra / Jobong


Uber, Ola and digital meters; defines generation gap


Pure #online shops trying to gain competitive advantage with size may find the strategy negative in the short term & long term as well #startup


When a venture is valued positively it validates its future; when devalued by investors it happens to be merely an opinion!! > #Flipkart


With Jabong & Myntra Flipkart becomes an e-commerce group > with consolidated real risks > not quite enviable though


Myntra – Jabong deal calls for Govt’s policy on misguided consolidation in evolving & loss making sectors > the #airlines experience


In evolving sectors govt should not allow buy outs within competition in the interest of #market & #consumers > #startups


Myntra – Jabong > a mistake fashioned by mistaken #competition strategy influenced by flawed understanding of the still evolving business


‘Impulse purchase’, perhaps, stands greater chance of happening online than in physical situations


In the chase of GMV big #online shops in India lost time & money trying to sell products that do not belong to them


Shops that shove brands of their choice lose customers. True of #online shops as well > Flipkart / BPL >


#online shops helping chosen brands is negative because other brands would choose 2 help themselves > Flipkart / BPL 


In evolving sectors govt should not allow buy outs within > competition for maintaining competition


In evolving sectors govt should not allow buy outs within competition in the interest of consumers


In evolving sectors govt should not allow buy outs within competition in the interest of the sector


In evolving sectors govt should not allow buy outs within competition particularly when the sector is bleeding


Kingfisher Airlines / Air Deccan > Jet Airways / Air Sahara > Flipkart / Myntra >> EVEN SET > #insight 4 govt


Jabong rumors > govt should know by now it should not allow loss making companies buy loss making direct competitor


For #insights #online shops shd seek answer for the question > would offline have succeeded faster if it were to happen after #online?


Flipkart’s chances, whatever, linked to #competence in outsmarting Amazon with #innovations & biz model tuning


Uneasy question for big #online shops in India > what should they focus on; growth strategy / competition strategy / survival strategy? ??


Unsettled big #online fashion retailers should fear multiple dwarfs not giants hopping-in


In the negotiations between AppTaxis and Karnataka Govt ‘Digital Meter’ is the odd thing that explains generation gap


#Ola #Uber and Fare Meters ! !! !!! > keeping the conflict


#Ola Operator biz model extension if evolved fine has the potential to solve nagging App Taxi conflict with Govts


‘#Ola Operator’ > if implemented as a biz model correction will help identify and flush out troublesome drivers


Govt should now seriously consider the negative impact of willful below-cost #pricing particularly run with easy foreign funds > #Amazon


‘#Ola Operator’ > biz model correction has its root in the #insight given below;



‘#Ola Operator’ > biz model correction reset right has the potential to yield competitive advantage to Ola


Myntra has returned on desktops at a time perhaps it is not quite relevant > at least not as much as it was when it was out of it


‘#Ola Operator’ > breakthrough in correcting the fundamental flaw in the model > calls for refinement though


‘I too have the App’ > message from multiple offline shops is the real big threat to big #online shops


Some evolving businesses suggest need for Govt to set up competent authority for policy making for such businesses > #App-Taxi #online shops


Between Karnataka Govt and App Taxi companies the responsibility is largely with the companies in settling the issues


Failure of Govts, Uber & Ola in evolving fit rules for app taxis provides #leadership #branding opportunity for a fit competitor


Govt Vs App Taxi conflict in #Bengaluru > potential #branding opportunity not just 4 the companies and for 4 #Congress too > Demonstrate Competence


In #Bengaluru App Taxi strike seems to be becoming more frequent than Auto strike > Companies and the Govt sound not responsible > bad management


Big willful loss makers in the #online biz shd know at least by now > many products they are busy hard selling do not belong to their trade


Actually App Taxi Vs Karnatka Govt raises the issue of corporate behaviour & responsibilities


Uber / Ola Vs Karnataka Govt disagreement is so immature that drivers bear the brunt (fine) 


‘Scaling up by scaling up losses’ market development strategy by some big online businesses is being proved unwise


Failure of Govts, Uber & Ola in evolving fit rules for app taxis provides #leadership opportunity for smaller players by helping out & gain


Real challenge for the Govts in fixing rules for #online app driven businesses


Some news from the #online shops on their chase of GMV sounds more like corporate day dreaming > hard times ahead


Flipkart’s IIM-A goof is a clear manifestation of the risks of over funding & hype overriding business realities


Competitive #online strategy for leading brands is about selling largely through own online infrastructure


Competitive #online strategy for leading brands can hardly be about being present in big online shops


Willfully piling losses on the hope of customer acquisition / market development is being proved senseless #strategy


App Taxi operators need to balance the #pricing on both ends > enticing customers with very low price and over charging with surge #pricing


Big online stores have survived, losses apart, because of famous brands who seem to be ignorant of that


It is time leaders across product sectors think online sales strategies or lesser players try gain and lead with that >  #insight #intuition


For big general #online shops competition wouldn’t be among themselves but from multiple new, smaller & smarter ones > #insight #intuition


Big disruptors in the Online shopping space face a real threat of getting disrupted > #insight #intuition


Next Gen general but profitable ‘Online shops’ would be focus on useful brand building > #insight #intuition


For some big ‘Online shops’ heap of willful loss of past could make even good growth in sales useless > #insight #intuition


Big general ‘Online Shops’ will be threatened by a swarm of their likes sooner and they seem ignorant of it


Next Gen general but profitable ‘Online shops’ will not sell everything on earth to everybody


Next Gen general but profitable ‘Online shops’ won’t play the discount game


Next Gen general but profitable ‘Online shops’ won’t think of selling; Automobiles, Realty


‘Online shops’ evolution II > many / more focused with products / turn-in profits early


Surge #pricing by App Taxi companies falsely undermines competition


Prolonged App Taxis Vs Govts conflict demands considered policy decisions and firmness on the part of governments


Big online all & sundry shops are ignorant to think competition continues to remain among just them


Flash Sales + Marketing (Branding) advantage opportunities for online shopping biz > Product Innovations


Online shop biz wud shift from all-stuff aggregators to major players across categories pooling allied brands/products from larger category


Online shopping ventures need to find ways to cause those ‘Big Flash Sales’ bit too often > What to sell? Scope for #Innovation #Research


App Taxi biz has apparently tested the competence of quite of a few governments > on governance and making rules


Surge #pricing by App Taxis is sheer profit making approach > not of demand / supply management


Surge #pricing is fundamentally flawed > App Taxis are driving it with wrong approach


Surge #pricing in app taxi biz calls for the sector to evolve with maturity or for the Govts to be firm


App Taxi ventures are in conflict with Govts due to wrong #pricing policy. Lean pricing, not surge pricing is apt & as good on money


Online Vs Offline conflict presents opportunities for brands across sectors to develop competition strategies


Brands have eagerly checked-in at the e-market place for sales but would eventually weigh out options


Offline retailers shd use the Online challenge to bargain on realty rentals & prices


Online Vs Offline retail dominance shall be won by strategies not conflict > Offline retailers hold the advantage but the brands need 2 lead


Online shopping biz wud shift from ‘all-stuff aggregators’ to major players across categories aggregating brands from allied larger category


Online shopping ventures need to find ways to cause those ‘Big Flash Sales’ bit too often > What to sell? Scope for #Innovation #Research


BIG losses of BIG online shopping ventures in India indicate deficiency of ‘Sales Potential’ > not necessarily ‘Sales’


Scope for online shopping cos from India making good from operations in USA & Europe is far greater than it is for likes of Amazon in India.


Likes of Amazon can do faster in ‘Online shopping’ what the likes of Accenture / Cognizant are trying in ‘IT’ > exploit Indian advantage


Bleeding B2C online ventures should know the truth > ‘Advertising is NOT Marketing’


Prime strategy for online ventures based on multitude of unorganized individual service providers is to organize the trade


Flipkart / Myntra > Jet Airways / Air Sahara > Kingfisher Airlines / Air Deccan >> EVEN SET


#Startups working with easy approach to draw in sales invariably suffer cost and brand disadvantage should they succeed > in growing sales


News from major online ventures chasing massive GMV targets have become a bit entertaining. They would all turn serious in about 3 quarters


If online 'sales' are picking up it ought to impact the commercial rentals in some way in some time. Has it? Cross format competition


Expect famous (not necessarily big) brands detach from big aggregator online companies sooner than perhaps expected


Likes of #Flipkart #Amazon #Snapdeal trying to sell everything on Earth online for GMV are biting true risks


Cash rich IT Cos should see money in creating robust e-commerce platforms in enabling small & medium businesses just plug-in > branding is critical


Govt should guard against harmful / unnecessary disruptions emerging / online businesses inflict selfishly >


Emerging/online biz touching individual trades have responsibility to work with them > not compete > drivers, delivery men, street vendors


#Startups finding sales hard should rethink consumer needs and remove superfluous elements in the proposition: CPUQ analysis


#Startup wins by insightful and unbiased thinking about competitively surpassing consumer needs and wishes > CPUQ analysis


Big online B2C ventures playing BIG fish by the #IT would lose the big competitive advantage as the #software becomes easy-to-fetch


Failure of a #startup is invariably rooted in the deficiency of its #products but the causes that sum up the loss can be many


#Startups prematurely seeking major market share in an evolving market would be misguided by the very thought > wild spends and needless buyouts


New venture #Startups investing unduly in creating the market may see new entrants drawing returns from it


First question to ask when 'sales' fails expectations is; 'what is holding-up sales' - not 'how to prop-up sales'. More true of #Startups


Concurrent product research - the very process and communicating with that can be very effective marketing tool > more true of #startups


#Startups need to keep #product development #research on for long and with parallel teams for augmenting sales potential


If Amazon can hope to work the $ advantage in India by over promoting an Indian co can use that in the US to gain by the price advantage


In USA Myntra can evolve if it can pull out a profit in year one – feasible by strategizing with products


Online businesses hold the chance to come good long term with good short term performance, at least financially


Myntra would have a huge chance in USA but what it sells and how it sources are critical


Approach for online businesses to survive and thrive is to think >> Products, Augmented products and Product innovations


Online businesses in India  > scaling up by scaling up losses!


Amazon India – sales/loss (1022/1724 cr) FY ’15 > shouldn’t the govt consider methods to curb unfair bulldozing with $ funds?


Amazon India – sales/loss (1022/1724 cr) FY ’15 >> shouldn’t the govt have an opinion on this?


Amazon India – sales/loss (1022/1724 cr) FY ’15 >> shouldn’t the govt have an opinion on this? Shouldn’t the govt consider methods to curb unfair bulldozing with $ funds?


1022 cr sales at a loss of 1724 cr > Amazon’s blitz with advertisements will hurt the finances in the sector than help it grow


#Startup that does its marketing by the product endows itself with greater chance of attaining profitability fast


Numerous small shops feared few large format shops which are threatened by fewer online shops. Time for small shops to scare them all now


High time Govt demand App Taxi companies on the process they would evolve to flush out drivers deficient in character


#Startups lose money not by the evolving model but by promoting it hard > prematurely, flamboyantly


In the age of #digital #marketing online businesses seem to be feeding print #media


Amazon’s blitz with #advertisements in India can hurt the finances in the sector more than it can help grow the sector


Online garment business ought to be more than just a market place


CEO of a #startup should work with fit approach to fetch inputs from external sources also. Talent mix is never absolute. Value/Risk Management


Myntra takeover by Flipkart is akin to Air Deccan takeover by Kingfisher Airlines. Should govt allow loss making co buy loss making competitor


My hunch >>  big #App driven businesses present potential opportunity for small and smart #IT companies


The likes of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal would grow bigger for a while only to inspire many dwarfs of their like at the discomfort of having to compete with them. Uber and Ola are only a little ahead of them.


Businesses won’t evaporate onto #online space they get enabled to expand and connect with larger audience > Critical #Insight


I too have the App! Uber and Ola need to dream small soon to be able to compete with many regional, smaller but smarter of their kind. #Branding and customer retention strategies crucial


Mumbai’s Black & Yellow Taxi Unions to launch an ‘App’ of their own! >> Signs of business model correction


Flawed #marketing more than deficient #product #strategies seems to be hurting finances of online businesses


App taxis fail on the expected trust on security assurance. Rethink operation model or rethink  #HR #Strategy


Cartels are sinful in evolved markets but can be useful in evolving markets > Online shopping ventures


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