Project Associates

Current requirments

Major website builders (Bengaluru based)

For building a dynamic website for presenting vast sets of therapeutic knowledge resource.

The site would have growing sets of categorized content.

Linking units of content by relevance logic across topic domains and by the user intent is a core task.

The site would include user interactive task modules. Building-in unique functionalities in enhancing user experience is critical.

The site would carry logic driven brand placements and communication units seamlessly across the site alongside content. Proven experience in constructing website structures for carrying such messages as also applications to gauge visitors' interest and interaction is important.

The website shall have high density traffic. Expertise to suggest and implement suitable server infrastructure and technologies is important.

User management applications such as registration and messaging applications are envisaged.

Training in-house team on routine site management and maintenance functions and providing on call maintenance support shall be part of the assignment.

Website development firms with the requisite expertise may mail to: - - to explore feasibility.

E-Commerce Platform Developers for small and medium enterprises (Bengaluru based)

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Online Sales Platform Developers (Bengaluru based)

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