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Branding Logic

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Personal Branding

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Crafting Major Growth

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Revitalizing Teams

Innovation Scratch Book

Innovation Scratch Book (ISB) is what it is called - a scratch book which would contain listing and primary particulars of Innovation Opportunities of all kinds, incremental to high value ones, across the functions and operations in an organization. ISB is developed upon structured research using my proprietary research tool set called 'Think Paradigm'.

ISB is a unique consulting Module. In developing the ISB I team up with the Managing Director of the company on the research, draw upon his practical experience, complement it with professional logic and work through the Think Paradigm research process towards identifying innovation opportunities.

ISB includes all primary research work that is part of the complete 'Mining Innovations' program I offer.

Think Paradigm

Think Paradigm is a proprietary process to systematically evolve Innovations. It starts with a set of very simple questions (what to Sell, how to make and how to sell) and eventually develops into multiple branches characterized by interactive questions. The multitudes of questions keep growing in a web pattern -- in search of Innovation possibilities.

Think Paradigm consists of a set of research modules as suitable for researching innovations across specific functions. They are; marketing (Zap em all, Power Launch, Swing-along), Products (New Utility, New Venture, New Tech, New Pro) and also includes strategic innovations for bringing about efficiency in operations and resource management.

Innovation Opportunities Map - IOP

IOP includes all kinds of innovation opportunities – incremental to major ones and are presented classified by value, research status and with maturity indicators.


Think. Think again and again and again -- about what to make (Products), how to make them (Production) and how to sell them (Marketing) -- for they are the real and direct sources of profit. They happen to be the core functions in any business and provide real scope to structure Innovations.

6 extended meetings with Managing Director in 6 weeks

The process begins with a series of preliminary meetings with the Managing Director for collecting basic inputs for research. Refined inputs are generated and presented for carrying out structured deliberation meetings on the thought process enriched with sharp insights and presented as per the function specific research modules of the Think Paradigm. Active and inspiring deliberations lead to refining, evaluating and scheduling further work and research in translating chosen innovation opportunities into revenues and profits.


Product innovations directly charge revenues. New products create new revenue streams. Production innovations bring about product superiority, quality and cost efficiency. Marketing Innovations make brand building easier and provide competitive advantage in increasing revenues.

Innovation values are subjective and depend vastly on the ability of the company to make good with it. The valuations are made with stipulations on ideal situations for realizing optimum yield.


Innovation Scratch Book (ISB) provides a comprehensive list of innovation opportunities which collectively create the potential for targeting superior growth levels. They provide long term directions and guide short term to medium term growth strategies.

All innovation opportunities require extended research and work on program development. Simple ones which can be implemented with quick preparations can be built into the concurrent plan seamlessly. Major innovation opportunities would need further research and certain preparedness on the part of the company to be able to implement and to draw optimum yield.

ISB includes directions on further research work and stipulations on the imperatives for successful implementation.

Benefit Potential

Product opportunities: a) Specific inputs for enhancement of user values across current products, b) New product opportunities with research directions.

Marketing opportunities: a) strategy innovations, b) incremental innovations across marketing functions, c) Zap 'em all programs, d) branding innovations, e) Swing-along program – a hard chance, f) channel management innovations, g) communication innovations.

Production opportunities: a) innovations that enhance cost efficiency, b) innovations that enhance product quality.

Operations & Resource management: HR and Funding.

ISB - Imperatives

MD on the look out for Innovations

Operations without financial stress

Capability to work with innovations

Keen intent to compete actively

ISB for your Company

ISB can be developed for any company. Any industry, any size. ISB helps large companies to enhance / sustain competitive advantage. ISB helps mid size companies to grow big with ease.

Assignment feasibility check would take 2 weeks which involves exchange of mails and talks over phone with the Managing Director. With a keen Managing Director, I would schedule ISB consulting in any case subject only to the start time.

Much of the interaction with the Managing Director on the research work shall happen over mails and phone with fewer personal meetings which are all prescheduled for structured work and deliberations.

An ISB research consulting work shall necessarily be completed in 6 weeks and over 6 extended meetings.