Research Projects - Social Equity Assets;

Dynamic digital resource enabling people to deal with social strife

A social Product Innovation in the healthcare domain being researched and developed by a team of accomplished Psychiatrists in association with Adve Srinivasa Bhat.

The innovation project is a construct built from a set of insights from among the insights derived from the larger research program being conducted by the team on the scope to evolve new solution paradigms in meeting latent demand for mental healthcare support in India.

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Make your OXYGEN. Keep a Plant

Research Project to casue awareness and to facilitate individual actions with innovation projects

A conceptual communication innovation research project to create action influencing awareness among the general public on the urgent need to bring about environmental balance - - particularly in the cities.

The project envisages to; influence large scale individual action through series of communication modules and action enabling guidance and support services.

Innovations arise from communication themes, methods and action enabling techniques.

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Chic City

City Management Research for developing innovation projects for the Indian cities

Chic City reflects my passion for innovation thinking and the need to aggregate such thinking of city citizens in making cities in India more; safe, efficient and stylish. Chic city is all about contributing with innovation research and thinking on the objectives .... Adve Srinivasa Bhat

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Urban Playgrounds

Shared and managed facilities

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Persuading individual actions for social good

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Inculcating a practice to observe abnormalities

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Social Equity Assets;

Social Equity; the term though does sound socialistic is in fact capitalistic by the potential returns in terms of brand advantages it can yield in business. Social responsibility of a brand is also quite different from the social responsibility of the business it represents which is more about how not to conduct the operations of the business.

A brand accumulates Social Equity by providing to the society well beyond the just and amplified expectations consumers have of it. Good brands in large markets become great by the width and depth of the connect they have with the general public that they, independently, command a certain power to address true social concerns.

Social Equity Asset, as different from the gross social equity perception, is an independent social initiative which convincingly addresses a defined social concern successfully. While the sum of Social Equity perceptions of a brand, including that which arises from a social equity asset, becomes part of its brand equity a Social Equity Asset is an independent project that is progressive, sustained over years and is tradable in nature.

Quite a few of the social innovation projects under active research at Adve Advice, being large in scale and big on social impact, happen to be fit for suitable large and famous brands for drawing branding advantages as also incidental revenues. Most importantly they have the potential to be developed as Social Equity Assets of progressive value.