Adve Srinivasa Bhat

As I progress with implementation of research critical innovation projects finding competent research associates / partners for product development and suitable brands for selling marketing advantages happen to be crucial for success.

I wish to discuss association feasibility with interested;

Accomplished Psychologists

Accomplished Psychiatrists

Budding Psychologists / Psychiatrists (Internship)

Story (fiction) Writers

(check details @ ‘Open Invitations’ above)

I believe innovations, being very worthy for brands, are bought, not sold - on dubious contentions.

That explains the policy of putting out Open Invitations in the website followed with mere intimation of the opportunity to suitable companies. While I offer to present and explain the value proposition to keen Managing Directors and the teams relentlessly partnership happens not just by the demand but upon ensuring feasibility of transfer of values to the brand. I look for perfect fit. The logic is simple; innovations fail when direct stakeholders are not steadfastly invested in the project or brand character does not match well with the project values. More than the brand I am keen to know who manage the brand.

Opportunities right NOW;

Corporate Hospitals

Pharmaceutical Companies

Emerging / popular Brands

(check details @ ‘Open Invitations’ above)