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  Fit Approach  


Marketing sounds simple and actions influenced by that belief often restrict revenues, even in a market that is on a surge. Low sales very rarely suggests inefficiency of sales guys or lack of promotion. Mostly, the root causes for low performance reside in the products, management policies and inept convictions.


In transforming a business on to a positive or more competitive trajectory the approach vastly depends on the actual capabilities of the company including financial factors. Difficult business situations also arise out of mismatching application of resources and efforts. While some companies may possess the strength to take convincingly big steps some may have to move through multiple smaller steps in building the required strength to look at larger targets.


Good approach to marketing is hardly same to any two companies even if they are of the same size and in the same industry. Financial capabilities and promoterís conviction and attitude actually determine the fit approach. In fixing the approach to marketing, I essentially consider these fundamental factors, particularly funding and operation finances.


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