Work Philosophy


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  Exceptional Value  


... my work can deliver substantial value for your business. I replace the word substantial with huge when I offer Innovations. That lacks humility and thatís willful, for charging myself on the commitment and to of course be able to say - No - on jobs not feasible. An assignment arises only when I see definite feasibility to deliver exceptional value and I assess that from the companyís prevailing operation competence levels. However, I am primarily driven by MDís / promoterís enthusiasm and preparedness to work through unbiased situation analysis and to work with innovative approach.


My consulting modules across focus areas are elaborately defined. I frame-up assignments accordingly with precise value delivery stipulations and back it with commitment to meet that absolutely. Exceptional value accrues essentially from insights with depth and Elements of innovation in translating strategies into programs.


On assignments, I assume ownership and work with a very high degree of responsibility, commitment and uncommon dedication.


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Substantial Value   

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uncommon dedication