To: Corporate Hospitals

To explore feasibility to associate with the project as;

Research and academic partner

Research team on thinktales is keen and actively considering to have on board on this project a progressive hospitals group which is already established as such and is planning to expand across regions in India.

In assessing feasibility of creating mutual values, we particularly consider depth of professionalism in the management, competitiveness quotient and scope for value creation reciprocally. We believe in extended assessment process in bringing about absolute clarity on investment and returns.

Corporate hospitals groups keen to explore feasibility of association may reach out to us by filling the contact form linked at the end of this page.

As 'Research and academic partner' the chosen hospital brand can hope to derive marketing and branding advantages as put out below.

Fit for a resolutely expanding chain of super speciality Hospitals brand

Project thinktales by its noble intentions of ‘enabling happiness’ through facilitating mental wellbeing across sections of the larger society happens to be most fit for a growing corporate hospitals brand to derive business advantages by the branding effectiveness derivable from the association as ‘Research & Academic Partner’

Association with thinktales as ‘Research & Academic Partner’ is the only major and exclusive partnership opportunity in the project. With the association made ubiquitous across all the project activities the scope to derive marketing advantages through effective branding happens to be rather infinite.

The scope to draw business advantages being vast and critical and being so mutually for the hospitals group as also for the project, the effort is to find best suited hospitals chain brand for the association.

Benefit Potential for the Hospitals brand by the association as ‘Research & Academic Partner’

Overarching brand presence

Absolute fit

Absolute fit with the project, by; the larger purpose, professional excellence and intense brand character which makes it easier to derive marketing advantages. The attributes that binds to the brand thick and thin are;

| Research capabilities | High degree of excellence | Real innovations |True customer values | Management astuteness |

Extensive reach / rapt attention

Close connect with the medical professionals

Soft launch with ‘illustrated situations’ with ‘thought bits’

Innovative communication modules that ‘enable happiness’

Propels good brand awareness. Constructs Brand loyalty

Innovative communication modules @ organizations

Brain Train digital products that would become popular

Digital product innovations on research would deliver value

Professional Resource & lecture series

Corporate hospitals groups keen to explore feasibility of association may reach out to us by filling the contact form linked here below for more details.

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