45% Grey, balding.

Post Graduate in Commerce.

Started as a packer, delivery boy and also turned metal at the lathes for a short while.

Was an assistant in the accounts department of a famous consumer durable company. Maintained accounts, taxation and all that. Became an officer; computerized account books, established cost accounting systems, meddled in the factory - with machines and processes that proved worthy in the profit & loss account, prepared annual budgets with perplexing logic and had a free hand - for the money in it. Innovations I do today for clients are rooted in this work done almost 3 decades back.

Went back in time; set up a cow shed, had about 32 cows, milked them, bathed them, delivered milk with 2 large and 5 smaller cans all dangling on my rattling bike. Slogged 4 am to 11 pm. Was sunk deep in the dung in 4 years. My terse advice to my clients on things they shouldn't do is backed by this hard to earn experience.

Back on the earth! Chose to advice; equipped with the experience of the cerebral work of the early years and the life lessons learnt from the cows. Have traversed wide range of businesses; property development, large process plant, comfort products, promotion products, management education, non-banking finance, sales promotion stuffs, corporate hospital, tissue papers, facility management, advertising, designs, content writing and teaching marketing. Officiated as business director and consulting director on 4 projects where I directed the operations right from creating the production facilities to placing the products in the market.

Now I sell the benefit of my research and intuitive judgment to clients. My research areas are; Branding, Marketing Strategies and Innovation Research.

I work with few assignments but talk to many to find the right business and of course the right client.