My Work Philosophy

Exceptional Value

... my work can deliver substantial value for my clients. I replace the word substantial with huge when I offer Innovations. That lacks humility and that's willful, for charging myself on the commitment and to be able to say - No - on jobs unfeasible.

An assignment arises only when I see definite feasibility to deliver exceptional value and I assess that from the company's prevailing operation competence levels. However, I am primarily driven by Managing Director's / promoter's attitude and preparedness.

My consulting modules across focus areas are elaborately defined. I frame-up assignments accordingly with precise value delivery stipulations and back it with commitment to meet that absolutely. Exceptional value accrues essentially from insights with depth and elements of innovation in translating strategies into programs.

On assignments, I assume ownership and work with a very high degree of responsibility, commitment and uncommon dedication.

Assignment Centric

I work for an assignment - not necessarily for the promoters. That is a policy stipulation I make explicitly upfront absolutely in the interest of the client, against my own interests.

In a time stipulated external intervention, aspects and issues may crop-up which are internal to the organization but all of them even silly ones do impact the targeted results. I believe in discussing such issues objectively before hand and as and when they arise in the interest of the assignment.

I must say, as a responsible consultant, I am quick to withdraw should any issue drastically affect the feasibility of accomplishing what is targeted. An external intervention is futile for both the client and the consultant unless real benefits can be delivered.

Client's Responsibility

As an external consultant working on time bound and result defined task I expect the client to bring about a positive focus on the assignment with staff across levels aligned to the efforts in a participative manner.

I primarily consult with the Managing Director but on execution work I team with the top management towards ensuring accomplishment of defined results.

On advertising, web designing (except content and structure) and such other marketing jobs I work with the firms already connected with the company. As a matter of policy, I don't suggest a change unless there is a real need.

Fit Approach

Marketing sounds simple and actions influenced by that belief often restrict revenues, even in a market that is on a surge. Low sales, very rarely suggests inefficiency of sales staff or lack of promotion. Often, the root causes for low performance reside in the products, management policies and inept convictions.

In transforming a business on to a positive or more competitive trajectory the approach vastly depends on the actual capabilities of the company including financial factors. Difficult business situations also arise out of mismatching application of resources and efforts. While some companies may possess the strength to take convincingly big steps some may have to move through multiple smaller steps in building the required strength to look at larger targets.

Good approach to marketing is hardly same to any two companies even if they are of the same size and in the same industry. Financial capabilities and promoter's convictions and attitude actually determine the fit approach. In fixing the approach to marketing, I essentially consider these fundamental factors.

Value Creation

For me, in an assignment, creation of exceptional value is very crucial and I ensure that, before accepting work, through meticulous feasibility check.

Not all undying problems or high result tasks are necessarily challenging. A good grasp of the issues in the correct perspectives and an innovative approach to settle them will always bring about results beyond expectations. Often, business issues and stiff situations that seem complex and distressing have their roots in simple mistakes but are not believed as such.

Exceptional value being the offer, I relate my fee with the benefit potential I deliver. On high value creation assignments such as; Defined Innovations, Innovation Scratch Book, power charging brands and Major Growth assignents I take major part of my fee only upon realization of the value committed.