BACK.2.LEVEL :: Workshop Seminars

BACK.2.LEVEL 'Workshop seminar' is currently offered to CEOs as individual consulting module.

Managing Directors / CEOs keen to charge growth with innovations and exceptional branding logic may mail to: to explore feasibility for scheduling formal extended 'workshop seminar' leading to development of competitive business reconstruction strategies.

BACK.2.LEVEL workshop seminar is constructed with following foundation thoughts;

Economic revival strategy

In the COVID19 business resumption period, about 4 to 6 quarters, Leadership strategies are not merely competition strategies but happen to be business revival strategy for all in competition across sectors and understood thus can be crucial economic revival strategy collectively - for any country.

Larger solutions

Industry associations have perhaps never had a task any harder than even a fraction of the challenge presented by COVID19. As critical recovery enabling strategy it is crucial to reinforce the teams at associations with exceptional talent to evolve apt recovery strategies.

Leadership in COVID19 era

Good many professionally run healthy Companies tap into their reserves, of money & competence, to tide over COVID19 distress with genuine efforts with deep concern for their staff and stakeholders, as best as possible. Companies working with the approach genuinely would lead their respective sectors in this decade.

Competition Strategies

COVID19 puts some sectors in negative distress - severe to mild and some in positive distress with demand for immediate supplies. Both situations demand quick & smart actions. Companies / brands that are slow & inept in responding cede market positions.

Ethical entrepreneurship

Hundreds of thousands of Pvt Ltd healthy Cos, mostly deemed proprietorships, with wealth out of their books seek COVID19 excuses on all and with all. Those run by ignorant and unscrupulous in this group across sectors would cede business in time to promoters / competitors - competent and of noble character.

Optimum Optimism

Optimum optimism’ as against ‘unjustified pessimism’ ought to be the considered approach to start regenerating business post COVID19 Lockdown;

The tasks for CEOs of SMEs are; re-learn your markets, re-align your supply chain, review your operational costs >> get the best from full scale human resource with future perspectives. Construct competitive advantage by the learning.

Critical Investments

Being tight fisted post COVID19 lockdown resumption period is being cautious but SMEs who know not to loosen it thoughtfully for purposes right and in right measure risk hard-to-happen sales in the short term and critical sales potential in the medium term.

Leadership opportunities

COVID19 economy slowdown presents scope to situation conscious competitors across sectors to work back to level with LEADERSHIP approach regardless of the current competition equations.

An opportunity

Getting business BACK.2.LEVEL through trying months is a challenge hence an opportunity too to change the BRAND competitiveness quotient regardless of the pre-COVID19 equation.

Figure out!!

Industry leadership strategies

Capability to advice governments authoritatively on business sector issues or on major growth initiatives for the sector can be a powerful industry leadership attribute for competent brands in any sector irrespective of the size of operation.

Mission FY - April 2020 – March 21

(Professional & leadership inclined SMEs with connect with demand at source can make the start with following determination and try reinforce the intent every quarter)

We will work by stringent ‘Code of Hygiene’ maintenance

We will retain all of our staff with intense sense of participation and commitment

We will improve operation efficiency across business functions

We will break-even for sure.